Monday, January 18, 2010

Let's go out to eat!

Today we have a theme of going out to eat.

Firstly, a freebie. Check out this list of birthday perks you can get at hundreds of restaurants all around the country. A lot of these places not only send you something for your birthday, but when you first sign up as well. Enjoy great deals such as 10.00 off any purchase at Dameons, A free t-shirt at Hooters, and free meals from tons of places!

And for the good deal, 80% at

You've got to be quick on this one though, it's only good through today!

Enter code: INDULGE at checkout.

Note: This applys to the "You pay this" price, not the value of the gift card. Aka: You can normally buy a 10.00 gift card for 4.00. You get 80% that, making it only .80! I just got 20.00 in gift cards for 1.60!

Now go on, take someone special out tonight!!

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