Sunday, January 24, 2010

Todays Theme: Freebies for your Pet's!

Ah, mans best friend. Doesn't your furry friend deserve a few freebies too?

First is a freebie for your cat. This is for (2) free cans of HALO (Ellen Degeneres Brand) Cat Food. There is a link for you to "sign up". After you sign up you get the freebie.

Secondly, a freebie for either your dog or your cat. It is oven baked dog or cat food. This is from Flint River Ranch. You will have to "sign up". It will ask you for payment information, such as a credit card, but as long as you fill out your name and phone number (and shipping info) all is well.

Free Science diet "Simply Essentials" Dog treats. This one is kind of neat. You can choose from treats made for "Mobility" for older dogs, or "Immunity".

For Natural Niblets Dog treats. Choose from 4 flavors.

And lasty, a free sample of bubbles and beads dog shampoo. :;jsessionid=0a0114481f43466868b8508a4c1dbc7b8102b0adc6ca.e34Nbx8KaxuLaO0Lbh0Mch0MahiPe0?compid=578086&formid=53&h=896f190e8419620258e8&redirect_count=1&did_javascript_redirect=T

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