Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Deals on Earth's Best Products!

Babies R Us is selling Earth's Best Baby Food for 10 for 5.00! Not only is that a great deal to begin with, but there is currently a coupon for 1.00 off 6 jars.

5.00 (for 10 jars) - 1.00 Coupon = 4.00 for 10 Jars (.40 a jar!!)

Earths Best also has coupons for their other products such as diapers, infant cereal, and formula on the same page. One of the coupons is for .55 off infant cereal. Take this to your local grocery that doubles coupons (such as Kroger or Giant Eagle) and get yourself a very cheap box of cereal.

And while you're at Babies R Us don't forget to pick up your free snikiddy snack from the post below!


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