Monday, June 7, 2010

Free CitraClear

Sorry for being so late with these freebies everyone! We had a very busy weekend around here, and then when I logged on last night blogger was down! I've been trying to post these next few freebies for the last 12 hours! But good news is, that you can now become a fan of "Momma Smells a Deal" on facebook and get freebies in your newsfeed!

So anyway, here it is. This is a free sample of citraclear. It is a cleaner that you put into your dishwasher if you have hard water. If you have a water softener at your house this is a great freebie to save for those times when you forget to buy salt in time!

You will have to go through "checkout" for this freebie but it will not ask you for any payment or credit card information. I have already recieved mine with no troubles!



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