Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Save Money with Rechargeable batteries!

Have you ever gone around you house, slamming drawers, desperately trying to find just one more battery to fuel whatever you need it for? Who hasn't.

Have you ever had that horrible sticker shock feeling when you look at a package of batteries, and realize that you still need several packages to fuel all of the things in your home; remotes, childrens toys, video games, cameras...you name it!

Well, then what are you waiting for, try rechargeable batteries! It's a no brainer!

What I love about rechargeable batteries:

- I am always using my camera to take picture of baby freebie. My rechargeable batteries save me tons of money there.

- Daddy Freebie is a geek. He loves any sort of video game that he can get his hands on. Right now he's hooked on Call of Duty on Xbox 360. Rechargeable batteries really help out there.

I'm sure you could find a great use for them too!

So, I'm super excited about this new Smart Charger by Energizer. We all know that Energizer makes great batteries, but now that make something as boring as a battery charger exciting! It makes life easier because it helps me save money, and it can help you too!

AND it gets even better! If you are a blogger as well, you can get some super cool stuff (a 15.00 Target Gift Card as well as a Smart Charger from Energizer!) How cool is that?! **cough cough; pretty cool**

If you want some more information on how you can get in on it, check it out here on J. Leigh Designs!

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