Monday, February 14, 2011

Great Deals at!

Here are a couple of great deals that you can score at right now with an exclusive Momma Smells a Deal discount!
This box contains anywhere from 156-252 diapers depending on the size.

Regular Price: 42.99
Current Sale Price: 36.99 (14% off)
Add an additional 12.01 worth of items to your cart to reach the 49.00 FREE SHIPPING qualification. You could add these brand wipes at 12.99.

Your total: 49.98
You now qualify for FREE SHIPPING
Use code MOMMADEAL for an additional 15% off.
-8.00 (MOMMADEAL discount)
41.98 for everything! Plus free 2 day shipping!

Feel free to use the code MOMMADEAL for 15% any purchase though, not just the one featured above.

Other ways to reduce your price:

-Redeem your Pampers Gifts to Grow points for 10.00 credits. 1000 Pampers Points= 10.00 at!

-Sign up to refer your friends on under "my account" and get 10.00 each time they make a purchase!

-Add any item from to your and get free shipping starting at 25.00 rather than 49.00. You could do this instead of adding the wipes!

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