Monday, June 20, 2011

Possible free $20 Target Gift Card!

Plum District is running the same awesome Target gift card deal that they had a couple of months ago again! Yay!

Plum District is basically another daily deal site. It's kind of like a Groupon for Moms. Here's the deal. Sign up for Plum District, get the target deal, and get 3 people to sign up for the site. It's completely free, promise. Then after you get 3 referals, they will send you a gift card. I got one a couple of months ago. I got it in the mail super fast and it was completely legit.

They will even let you click a button to share the deal on facebook. It's super easy to get 3 referals that way. Just make sure that you and your friends check your email after you sign up to confirm you've signed up. Otherwise the credits won't count.



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