Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm still bragging about Swagbucks.

So, I'm guessing by now most of you have at least heard of swagbucks. If you haven't signed up yet though, you are missing out.

Let me explain swagbucks in the simpliest way. Swagbucks is like a search engine with tons of extras. You go to their site and you sign up, then you just start using their website to search. Then occasionally you will randomly win "swagbucks". You'll know that you have won because it will tell you at the top of your search page. Then you will turn in your swagbucks for fabulous prizes ranging from gift cards, to t-shirts, to gaming systems, to school supplies! Seriously, there is all sorts of stuff. Though the 5.00 Amazon gift cards tend to be a favorite prize of many.

You can also earn a few extra daily points taking surveys (you earn 1 point just for checking to see if there are any surveys!), flipping through daily offers, and taking daily polls.

Heres some stuff you might want to know as a newbie. I know that the picture is a little blurry, but bear with me. I'm stay-at-home mom, not a technology major. =)

Purple Arrow: This is how you get the the Swag Store. The Swag Store is where you will redeem your swagbucks for super cool prizes.

Orange Arrows: These are going to be the places that you can always earn a quick swagbuck or two everyday. I strongly suggest using these. They are "Trusted Surveys", "NOSO", and "Daily Polls".

Turqoise Circle: This is the area that displays how many swagbucks you currently have.

Lime Green Circle: These are your refferals. It will display how many you have. Swagbucks will match each buck that you referrals win through searching and put it into your account up through their 1000th swagbuck! Refferals are where its at. =)

Red Circle: This is the facebook connect button. This is a great tool to help get more refferals. When you click this you can set your account to automatically post to your facebook wall everytime you win swagbucks. Then when your facebook friends click on those posts and sign up, you get a refferal!

And on MEGA SWAGBUCKS FRIDAYS swagbucks gives away even more swagbucks through the search engine! Friday is the best searching day.

So click here to sign up and give it a try! And please feel free to post questions!




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