Monday, December 8, 2014

A Few More Fantastic DVD Deals from Amazon (Under $5!)

Alright y'all, here's a few more fabulous finds from Amazon. As always, Amazon Prime members get free shipping on all of these DVD's, all of which are $5 or less.

Here are some of the awesome deals you can score:

The Heat for only $5! Great for just about anyone who enjoys a good laugh.

Epic for only $4.99, also another great family gift. Or you can get the 2-disk version with Blu-Ray for only $7.99!

Secondhand Lions (2003)for only $4.86! A great family gift and a severely underrated movie in my opinion! LOVE this movie!

Argo for $4.99or you can get the Blu-Ray Version of Argofor only $6.96! A great deal for any man or action lover on your list!

Here's something for just about any man, especially older men. A John Wayne movie! Score True Gritfor only $4.99!

How about Patch Adams / What Dreams May Come (Double Feature)for the Robin Williams fan?!? 

DVD's make such a simple and easy gift. It's so easy to dress them up to make a cute gift. There are so many ways! Some of my favorites:

1. Add a pack of popcorn and several bowls with a family movie as a gift for an entire family for less than $10.

2. Do the same thing but with ice cream toppings (such as sprinkles, caramel, hot fudge, etc) and a $5 Grocery store gift card and make a "Movie and Ice Cream" gift for under $15 total!

3. Put a comedy in with a bunch of snacks like beef jerky and candy for a single guy! All for less than $10.

4. Buy a romantic comedy for a woman and add spa products like nail polish and lotions for a "girls night" pack!

What are some of your ideas?


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