Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Get a FULL kids outfit for only $15!

Fab Kids is a monthly service that provides a full outfit (of your choosing) each month. They cater to your style for your kids.

I've used FabKids in the past and here are the positive and negative things I have to say:

-Clothing is high quality
-Shoes and high quality and come in fun colors and patterns hard to find in stores
-Sizing fits my kids well (they are tall!)
-Canceling a subscription is super easy (took 5 minutes on the phone)
-Skipping a month is easy (takes less than 5 minutes on the computer)
-Gives you flexibility in what you want, whereas most monthly services do not.
-Boys styles can be a bit on the edgy side
-Shoes count as an outfit, though they are totally worth it
-Monthly subscription, which means you have to remember to cancel if you'd like to.

Anyway, if you do sign up you can get your first outfit for only $15 total, I ordered glittery gold boots for my 3 year old with my first credit and we LOVE them. We get compliments every time she wears them!

Here are some of the great deals you can score for only $15 right now!
(These gold boots are what we bought. Thinking about getting the lavender ones too...)

I think this dress will be my next purchase

Though this is adorable too...

Then again, this would be perfect for the holidays... New Years!

Buuuuut, Ian needs jeans and he loves dinos...

and Superheros....

and button-up shirts...

Ugh. Too many choices. Put that down as a negative. ;)


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