Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kroger Match-Up!

Guess what?
Momma Smells a Deal is starting a weekly Kroger Match-Up, finding great deals (and freebies!) that you can find at your local Kroger store for the week!

Before we start, let's throw a few things out on the table:

-All match-ups are based on Central Ohio Kroger Deals and Couponing Rules
-All match-ups are for customers who use their Kroger Plus Card
-"C" stands for manufacturer coupon, "KC" stands for Kroger Plus Card Coupon, "BC"
stands for Bonus Coupon

If you want to know more about couponing at Kroger, what the local couponing rules are (as in doubling/tripling), what KC's are and how to get them (coupons that are loaded directly to your Kroger Plus Card), or any other general info, check out my Top Reasons that you will love shopping at Kroger list!

Usually I will list the exact dates that the coupons used were found in the Sunday paper. However, with this match-up the coupons will either come be listed as coming from, this past weeks Sunday paper, or just as "recent" Sunday paper.

Now, on to the matchup!!


Smart Balance Fat Free Milk Half-Gallon:
Price: 3.99
-2.50 (recent paper C)
-2.00 (KC)
= .51 cent overage!

Trix Yogurt 6 Packs!
Price: 1.99
-.75 off two (7/25 paper C)
-.75 BC
= 2.48 for two! (1.24 each)

Yoplait Delights 4 Pack
Price: 2.49
-.50 (7/25 paper C)
-.50 BC
-1.00 KC
= .49 cents!

Frozen Foods:

Eggo Waffles:
Price: 3 for 5.00 (1.67 each)
-1.00 off 2 (7/25 paper C)
= 2.34 for 2! (1.17 Each)

Smartones Meals:
Sale Price: 1.88 Each
-3.00 off 10 (7/25 Paper C)
= 15.80 for 10! (1.58 Each)

Minute Maid Frozen Treats 4-Pack
Sale Price: 1.69
-.75 (7/25 Paper C)
-.75 BC
= .19 cents!


Luvs Mega Pack Diapers
Sale Price: 9.99
-2.50 (Recent Luvs Mailer)
-1.00 KC
= 6.49 for the pack!

Huggies Natural Care 40 Pack Wipes:
Sale Price: 1.00
-.50 any Huggies Wipes (Recent Paper C)
-.50 BC
= Free!

Personal Care:

Lady Speed Stick Deodorant:
Sale Price: .88
- .50 cents (7/25 paper C)
-.50 BC
= .12 cent overage!

You can also use the .75 cent off coupon from Lady Speed Sticks website under "special offers" for an even larger overage!

Tampax Pearl 20 Pack:
Sale Price: 4.39
1.00 (recent paper C)
-2.00 KC

Skintimate Shave Gel:
Sale Price: 2 for 4.00 (2.00 each)
-.75 (recent paper C)
-.75 BC
= .49 cents!

Olay Total Effect Body Wash:
Price: 5.99
-4.00 (recent paper C)
= 1.99

Old Spice "Fresh Collection" Deodorant:
Price: 2 for 7.00 (3.50 each)
-3.50 for BOGO C (recent paper C)
-1.00 KC
= 2.50 for 2! (1.25 each)

Gillette Proglide Razor:
Sale Price: 8.99
-2.00 (recent paper C)
-4.00 KC
= 2.99! Or add 1.00 more if you would like the Proglide Power

Select Crest Toothpastes:
Sale Price: 1.00
-.75 (recent paper C)
-.75 BC
= .50 Overage!

That's all for this week!

Make sure to look out for Kroger's 88 cent sale! Going on right now!



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