Tuesday, November 16, 2010

15.00 in free credits at Modnique!

I'm pretty excited about this because I got a couple free/super cheap things last time that they did this deal. Modnique sells all sort of stuff; clothes, shoes, housewears, baby and kid clothing, jewlery...

Heres how the deal works!

Sign up for Modnique and earn a 5.00 credit.
Then use code STAR at checkout to get an additional 10.00 off! (code expires 11/30/10)

For a total of 15.00 in credits! You can apply credits to shipping as well as merchandise!

Examples of the great deals that you can score:

This is priced at 15.00. You can get it for free with your discount, just pay shipping!

This great top is priced at 18.00. You can get it for 3.00 plus shipping!

This is priced a 12.00. You can get it for free with 3.00 towards shipping! Wow!

Sounds like its time to do some Christmas shopping!

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