Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Great Diapers Deal from Diapers.com!

use code MommaDeal
shop for all your baby needs: body pillows, good start formula, swaddle pod
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Buy Baby Items at Diapers.com
Baby Items
Not valid for existing Diapers.com, Soap.com or BeautyBar.com customers. Some restrictions apply.
Buy Baby Items at Diapers.com
Okay here is how this deal works:

Go to diapers.com and add 75.00 worth of products to your cart.

This will automatically qualify you for free 2-day shipping! (sometimes it even ships overnight!)

Use code MOMMADEAL and get a special 20% off just for being a Momma Smells a Deal reader!

Then, use this rebate for an additional 10.00 back! It's actually a free magazine offer, but if you read the small print at the very bottom you will see that you can get an additional 10.00 off. I have done this before and it works just fine and the rebate comes pretty quick!

So heres the break down:
-15.00 (15% Momma Smells a Deal discount)
-10.00 (rebate)
50.00 for 75.00 worth of stuff!
for a total savings of 25.00!

Or... if you don't want to spend as much you can do this:

Add 49.00 or more worth of items to your cart
Use Code MOMMADEAL at checkout for 15% off and free two day shipping

50.00 worth of stuff for 40.00!
for a savings of 10.00!

Diapers.com already has lots of sale items so make sure you try to mix "deep discount" sales with the listed discounts!
***Please note that these are new customers only. If you have ordered before then you can't use these on your account. However, many people just create secondary accounts with a secondary email address.



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